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The Vet at home.

The choice to cure and assist animals in their own home and environment is part of a more wide philosophy, aiming towards welfare and a better healthcare.

But it's not just that: to treat our pets with kindness is something that affects heavily on their health and well being. A good veterinarian use not only his proper scientific formation, but also a good physical interaction with the animal, because the way we handle the patient during diagnostics or the therapeutic procedures has direct consequences on his comfort and his health. 

This is especially true when observing, touching and listening to an animal in his own home, since it's understandable how much more calm and "true" the animal is in his own environment and also how this factor can modify the outcome of an exam or a medical procedure.

This way, the patient does not suffer the stress of being moved around or the one of meeting unknown animals in a waiting room, emotionally affected by pain, fear, anxiety or aggressiveness.

When seen in his own everyday environment, the same place where the pet usually experiences his natural interactions with the humans in his life, the animal is more prone to manifest his troubles and to show the symptoms of eventual sickness, the differences in his behavior.

A sick patient that is forced to move from his home to get an injection or for a simple exam, suffers a discomfort that is easily avoidable. 

Several clinical procedures or intervention can be done at home, reducing the distress and the inconvenience by a great measure.


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